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Featured Projects

Apartment Fitness Center

Part of a multi-phased renovation to modernize dated apartments. The new building will create an inviting, desirable fitness center that excites current and future residents by making connections to the courtyard and views from the leasing office. 

2 North 20th Lobby 

A complete renovation of the 2 North 20th Building's lobby. Design changes the layout of the lobby and provides a more open environment for 17 floors of tenants. Sleek, luxurious finishes and lighting will create a welcoming space for Birmingham professionals. 

West Homewood Redevelopment

A new mixed-use development in West Homewood including lofts, townhomes, outdoor space, retail space, and landscape improvements. To make room for the new development, a motel and dental office will be demolished. The developer wanted the design to seamlessly blend with existing, established residential while cleaning up what is currently a blighted motel. The retail space on the first floor of the loft building is 12,500 SF of the property.