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Restaurants & Hospitality

Birmingham, AL’s downtown, and surrounding metro area have seen an unprecedented resurgence in development since the downturn in the mid 2000s. As a result, the designers at Poole and Company have designed over two dozen food-related projects including bars, restaurants, catering and commercial kitchens, delis, supermarkets, and food stalls. 

Restaurants have five cylinders that must fire equally and in synchronicity at all times to be successful:

1. Serve a high-quality product,

2. Provide excellent service,

3. Be consistent, 

4. Be operationally efficient, 

5. and Provide a fantastic environment, one that allows the patron to suspend disbelief.


At Poole and Company Architects, we have the unique experience, skill, and knowledge to design all aspects of restaurants, resulting in all five cylinders firing for success. Many of our clients are first time restaurateurs whom are realizing their dream of restaurant ownership for the first time. We take their dream very seriously, the restaurant business is hard. We know what it takes to be successful because we have owned restaurants, worked in restaurants, and designed some of the most continuously successful restaurants in our city.

Featured Projects

Avine Wine Bar 

A partnership between Poole & Company and long-time Birmingham restaurant veterans, Gray & Ashley Maddox. Avine Wine Bar is the epitome of the wine, wine retail, and small plates scene in the 2nd Ave North District. Attention to detail was key in this 2,500 sqft restaurant and retail space, including all custom banquets and seating, bar, and 19' curved wine shelving with library ladder. Every piece of Avine was designed and coordinated with our engineering team, equipment vendors, and the owner's needs to create a stunning and highly efficient space.  

Bar La Fete & Bandit Patisserie

This space is a 2,500 square-foot, standalone restaurant and retail pastry shop sharing back of house support space. The restaurant has an open kitchen with a dining bar. The dining room includes a Parisian bistro aesthetic throughout. The project was an adaptive reuse of an existing turn of the century building that’s part of a newly constructed mixed-use development in downtown Birmingham. Restaurateurs Kristen Hall and Victor King were closely involved in the entire process; Hall had a focused vision for the Parisian aesthetic. Poole & Company worked jointly with both owners to bring aesthetic and operational vision into a reality.

Bay Leaf

Bayleaf restaurant is one of four food and beverage concepts making up the 5 Points Lane development. 5 Points in Birmingham, Al is known for its eclectic food scene. This 2,700 sf Indian restaurant fits in perfectly. Adaptive reuse of an existing turn of the century masonry and heavy timber shell with restructured exterior storefront offers an easy view to the marigold inspired interior.  Cost-effective off the shelf LED lighting is draped on a “whalebone” steel structure setting the tone for a casual modern dining experience.

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