Restaurants & Hospitality

Birmingham, AL’s downtown, and surrounding metro area have seen an unprecedented resurgence in development since the downturn in the mid 2000s. As a result, the designers at Poole and Company have designed over two dozen food-related projects including bars, restaurants, catering and commercial kitchens, delis, supermarkets, and food stalls. 

Restaurants have five cylinders that must fire equally and in synchronicity at all times to be successful:

1. Serve a high-quality product,

2. Provide excellent service,

3. Be consistent, 

4. Be operationally efficient, 

5. and Provide a fantastic environment, one that allows the patron to suspend disbelief.


At Poole and Company Architects, we have the unique experience, skill, and knowledge to design all aspects of restaurants, resulting in all five cylinders firing for success. Many of our clients are first time restaurateurs whom are realizing their dream of restaurant ownership for the first time. We take their dream very seriously, the restaurant business is hard. We know what it takes to be successful because we have owned restaurants, worked in restaurants, and designed some of the most continuously successful restaurants in our city.

Featured Projects

McFly's Bird Shoppe

Another collaboration with the LA-based JFall Group and Birmingham developer client Orchestra Partners at the 5 Points Lane development in Southside Birmingham. This new age chicken tender shop with an 80-‘s aesthetic and obvious “Back to the Future” movie reference, reminded those of us in our 50’s of our “campy” childhoods. The cost-conscious design budget allowed few key elements, 80’s floor vinyl advertising, neon signage, white tile, stainless steel, and white oak countertops set the overall 80’s diner/chicken takeout mashup vibe.

Unplugged Bar

The 1990’s themed Unplugged Bar anchoring the bar scene for the newly developed 5 points Lane, is the brainchild of the JFall Group, an LA-based restaurant group known for their cutting edge concept bars and restaurants. The design seamlessly integrated two high top containers built and installed by Birmingham’s own Smallbox Company. The project is a hideaway bar gem in the middle of the campy eclectic Southside retail district playing a vital role in Birmingham’s development renaissance.

Harvest Market

Across the nation “big box” groceries are opting for smaller neighborhood driven markets. The second location for the locally owned Harvest Market franchise seeks to capitalize on this trend.  The design emphasizes a smaller footprint and more intimate space making reflecting the consumer needs of its immediate neighborhood. Rather than 40,000sf, this market, the anchor tenant of the in line mall, this 14,000sf market including eat-in deli, prepared foods, dairy, meat/fish, produce, wine and beer, and nutritional supplements packs a lot into a small space. The warm finish palette, dimmable lighting scheme, lower ceilings, cozy departmental areas, and short check-out lines support the intimate shopping experience.

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